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     Morgan City became a Certified Main Street Community

in 1997, after witnessing our beautiful downtown begin to

fizzle.  Historic preservation and restoration are the heart of

the National Main Street Program.  Since becoming a

member of the National and State Main Street Programs,

the Main Street Board has been able to implement great

ideas and ways to improve Downtown Morgan City.  You

see, events are only a small part of what we do!  Our Main

Street offers a Local Facade Grant up to $4,000 to our

Main Street District businesses at the beginning of every

year.  This grant allows business owners to improve the

facade of their building while still protecting the building's

historic nature.  The funds that allow us to offer this grant

come from our annual Friends of Main Street Fundraiser or

"FOM" as we call it.  Through the Local Facade Grant Program, business owners have been awarded a total of $58,800.00 since the program started in 1997.   


     Our State Program also offers a competitive Restoration Grant of two different levels each year.  The Restoration Grant program allows business owners from each Main Street district throughout the State to turn in applications in the hope of being awarded a $10,000 or a $2,500 grant. These grants are more extensive than our local grants and allow business owners to do exterior improvements, restoration or rehabilitation, interior restorations and improvements or the relocation of a historic building TO or WITHIN the Main Street District. 


    We are ALWAYS looking for new business to fill the available buildings in our district.  We can even have our State designer share some ideas on how the building could be renovated and what it has the potential to look like for FREE!  Our Main Street Board now offers "The White Box" program where a building owner pays for paint and cleaning supplies for our Director and volunteers to go into a building and make it into a blank canvas, giving entrepreneurs a new outlook.  Available properties are listed in our Discover section. Contact Beth at Morgan City Auditorium if you would be interested in implementing our FREE design service or The White Box Program.


    Sadly, our State Program is getting cut more and more every year and is not able to offer as much help as they once were.  Without partners and benefactors like you, we would not be able to help downtown prosper the way that we have in the past.  We invite you to take a look around our website to see what we're currently working on and to stay updated on our events.  Our job is to promote and better Downtown Morgan City and its businesses.  With the citizens' help and support, we have big plans for our Downtown's future!


The Main Street Program IS Economic Development for Louisiana

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