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"A dream written down becomes a goal.

A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.

A plan backed by action becomes a reality."

Dear Friends,

In our efforts to keep the downtown area of Morgan City moving forward with its revitalization, we recognize the need to bring its crown jewel, Lawrence Park, back to the splendor that this square enjoyed in our younger days and the days of our ancestors.  In union with our City’s Recreation Department, the Morgan City Main Street Board has taken on the task of renovating the entire park – including saving the historic bandstand, an entirely new playground, and fountain improvements – so that the park can better serve the current and future residents as a beautiful, serene refuge for leisure and

entertainment that we can all be proud of.

Lawrence Park was created in 1876 when Mrs. Frances Brashear Lawrence, the daughter of our City’s founder, donated Block 27 to be used as “a resort for the people.”  Throughout the decades since that donation, many citizens, businesses, and community organizations have played a part by donating time, material, and money to add and maintain the amenities we have come to know as an integral part of the Park.  We need your help to give the Park a refresh to make it attractive and safe for enjoyment. 

Below you can find the general details of Block 27, the Lawrence Park Improvement Project.   

Our goals are to improve the functionality and safety of the park for residents and visitors, keep maintenance needs near or below the current level and improve the design aesthetics all while minimizing intrusions onto green space. Once we begin to raise more funds, the opportunities for grants and assistance to aid in the cost will become available options.


Checks can be written to "City of Morgan City" with a memo reading

Lawrence Park or Block 27 

Checks can be mailed to:

Post Office Box 1218

Morgan City, La 70381

Or on request, picked up by a representative of Morgan City Main Street.

 If you would like to donate in another way, have ideas or questions, or would like to discuss how you can use your donation to honor or memorialize a loved one, please contact Lauren Hebert at (985) 518-9127 or

Beth Portero at (985) 380-4639.

Thank you for contributing to the beautification and improvement of Lawrence Park.  Our efforts for this project are just beginning! 



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